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Tutorial for quick details by naravox
Tutorial for quick details
This was originally done for my Finnish blog. I got tired halfway through translating this and didn't bother to write the same shit for the process on the right side. You get the idea already. 
Korso stuff by naravox
Korso stuff
For a new ref, which I won't post online, just link to people I commission. My scanner is TERRIBLE (when there is a blank background, if there's a coloured background it scans fine usually) and the colours don't have their true shades, no matter how I screw around with them digitally. Oh well. The standing pose here is a re-draw of an older image. Haven't done any proper art for a while.
Nara memerz by naravox
Nara memerz
Something quick and shitty for a meme challenge.

Take a picture of yourself
Use your skin tone as the main body
Draw your hair how it is now and the color
Nose, ear, and pawpad color is the color of your lips
Add any piercings, tattoos, scars you have (Or anything else u may have)
Don't you dare lie bout ur eye color lads/gals

I'd make a gross pale doge, but otherwise it's pretty much the same as my usual fursona. I dun have any tattoos or piercings (I want a tattoo later, piercings I don't like), got some random cat scratches and old scars tho. Gave her easty westy feetsies cuz I wanted it to look derpy.

Contest time, bitches!

The theme is my Ginga Nagareboshi Gin fanfic story. However you don't have to read it (it's only in Finnish anyway) or watch the anime to attend. In the story my character Nara is a young fighting dog in Japan who escapes from her owner and finds herself in Ohu's wilderness. Ohu is terrorized by man-eating bears and Ohu's wild dogs have spread out all over Japan to find soldiers to defeat the bears. Meanwhile their leader Riki defends the territory alone. Nara finds him and joins his quest defending the area. They eventually become romantically involved, however once he is killed she leaves Ohu.

SO you could draw Nara just being a wild doge, exploring the wilderness, seeking food, hunting, fighting bears or random dogs/animals, just hanging around, with or without him. Whatever you think might fit her story and make a nice image.

Nara's ref: (1,5 to 2 years old Pit Bull female, stubborn, sensitive, loyal, proud, antisocial, clever, acts tough and indifferent to everyone except select few)

Riki's ref: (About 8 years old Japanese Akita, firm, honourable, intelligent, reliable, confident, protective)

Your image can digital or traditional, any style is okay. Photomanipulations are fine too, just make sure you credit the stock photos correctly. Multiple entries are fine, however you can only win with one entry.

Other good refs of her (and him too) can be found at:…


1st Place: 1000 points

2nd Place: 500 points

3rd Place: 300 points

4th Place: 150 points

5th Place: 50 points

If the image happens to fit a scene in my fanfic I may use it as an illustration in my blog, always with proper credit and links back to the original artist ofcourse. So even if you don't win your image may appear in my blog, which might give you a few extra watchers.

CONTEST ENDS IN 30.9.2014!!!


naravox's Profile Picture
Nara Uusihanni
Young Finnish female artist.
Is inspired by intelligent and less intelligent people, dogs, animals that can kill you, movies, music, alcohol and pornography.
I also rape Titan A.E. on a daily basis by turning it to furry omg shame on me.

Arvostelen koiraeläinsarjakuvia ja -animaatioita blogissa

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Hii, kiitokset watchista! :aww: <3
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All done, hope you like it :3
Air strike by Ardengrail
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Ihmettelen MIKSI en ollut watchannut sinua aiemmin. Muistelin kyllä että olin tehnyt niin, mutta en sitten kuitenkaan. Stupid me!
naravox Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015
No höö parempi myöhään kuin ei milloinkaan ja niin edelleen, tattis
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Hukkahurja Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015  Student Digital Artist
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Warriors pride - point commission by Barguest
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Meinaan jos on niin hiukan hieno nimi, en oo enne törmänny tommoseen öuö
naravox Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2015
Kiitos! Ei valitettavasti ole virallinen nimi. :C Sitä ovat kaikki opettajista työnantajiin asti kuitenkin käyttäneet ala-asteelta alkaen. Virallinen nimeni ei sovi mulle ollenkaan. Yritin vaihtaa nimen viralliseksi, mutta se aiheutti kotona niin paljon paskamyrskyä, että peruutin hakemuksen. Toivottavasti jossain vaiheessa kuitenkin voin virallistaa sen ilman peppukipeyttä keltään. 
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